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Balti Advantage

BALTI is committed to total customer satisfaction by offering discounted pricing for surplus networking equipment along with the top-level customer service and technical support.


Quality, Value and Innovation are three primary differences that set us apart from the competition and make our customer's business more competitive.

Our Differences


BALTI has developed industry's best quality control procedures for used networking equipment. Each product that arrives in our warehouse undergoes a series of vigorous diagnostic tests to determine the current functionality of a product, its physical appearance and whether it meets factory specifications. If the product fails any test it is transferred to our repair and refurbishing facility for additional analysis, repair, parts replacement, cleaning, physical appearance enhancement and standard configuration. Each BALTI refurbished product (BRF) is brought to full manufacturer's specifications and supplied with diagnostic report and complete set of required accessories, as it comes from the manufacturer. All products are shipped in an individual protective custom packaging to prevent any damage during transportation.


Our strong 12-plus year industry presence, comprehensive market knowledge and unique global sourcing relationships with worldwide suppliers enable us to source the products at the lowest market cost. Our purchasing advantage allows us to pass significant part of savings to our customers making their business more competitive. Our ability to supply quality refurbished equipment in combination with new equipment and our fair market buy-back offering permits additional savings for our customers, adding profit to their bottom line.


BALTI was among the first to recognize the impact of data communication technology on the way companies will do business. Since the time we had supplied first 2400 bps modems to our oldest client and until now we stayed focused on the same industry, constantly improving our internal business process and adopting latest technology to increase company efficiency and bring more value to our clients. We have developed and now are utilizing our own proprietary secondary market analytic systems that performs comprehensive every day analysis of the market conditions, supply and demand, transactional risks, market pricing history for each device we ever traded. This system allows us to look inside the market process and make more educated purchasing decisions. We continue to stay innovative and entrepreneurial to grow business for our partners and ourselves. 

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